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Hotel led bathroom mirror in intelligent new era

With the development of modern life, the level of people's living standard is also constantly improving, and they begin to pursue a healthy life concept. The corresponding rapid development of tourism has laid the construction demand and procurement foundation for star hotels. At present, there is a new trend of "intelligent service" in hotels all over the world. They use new intelligent building materials to continuously improve service efficiency and personalized degree to meet the needs of customers.

In the whole room space, the bathroom is often the most easily overlooked part of the guest room. It is believed that most of the time of the guest will be spent in the living room, bedroom and even the kitchen, while the time spent in the bathroom is nothing but washing, going to the toilet and bathing.

However, this does not mean that there is no amazing product in the equipment. On the contrary, like the living room, bedroom and kitchen, the bathroom and bathroom can also become very "smart" in the "intelligent" field. There are many products that can make the bathroom more intelligent, such as LED bathroom mirror, which can easily adjust the brightness of bathroom mirror by touching the bathroom mirror. This kind of touch led bathroom mirror has become a new storm leading the intelligent bathroom! In recent years, more and more people like to listen to music in the bathroom. Inspired by this, American classic Kohler launched a music, which can finish the speaker and shower The combination of beauty. There are many people, many people think that bathing is a very boring process, because there is nothing else to do except listen to songs with "idle" ears. With the advent of modern intelligent bathroom mirror, guests can watch TV entertainment while taking a bath, and these can be realized through LED light mirror. From then on, tiantianai will enter the "bathroom".

If you want your hotel to become a leading black horse, if you want to make your hotel unforgettable, then what are you waiting for? Let "intelligent service" enter your hotel! Denggang will join hands with you to let your hotel and your home enter a new era of intelligence!

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